Knee Scooters

We are New Zealand’s Knee Scooter/Walker Specialists supplying knee scooters and the hands-free RollerFoot and iwalks.

 Our Spry Knee Cruzers & Elite Knee Scooters are adapted to suit the New Zealand lifestyle with quality pneumatic tyres and fitted with baskets or bicycle bags WITH crutches holders so you can easily carry your crutches with you, if required.                                        The RollerFoot is a great hands free alternative to crutches and the knee scooter, especially good if you require both hands for work. 

We also supply the iwalk another great hands free option

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All knee scooters - $30 per week                                            (minimun hire is 2 weeks for all equipment)                        

RollerFoot  - $30 per week 

iwalk  - $35 per week               

Cruzer rollerfoot

Physio Health are importors and sole distributors of Spry Knee Scooters and the Step Dynamics “RollerFoot" 

Many injuries and some surgeries require 4 - 8 weeks before weight is allowed back onto the injured limb.  A Knee Scooter is an alternative to crutches, all you need to do is place the weight of your body on the scooter's knee pad and you're mobile .  This allows your lower leg injury to be non-weight bearing and allows it to rest while you move about. The Knee scooters are also much easier and more comfortable to use than crutches 

We have affordable rental fees that make it easy for you to hire a knee scooter. Your scooter will be sent out to you by courier. When the rental period is over, simply call us and a courier will collect the scooter from you. 

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